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Submitted by vinny on Thu, 07/30/2009 - 16:21.
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Home with the kids website offers great help with finding jobs which you can do at home with your kids around. Not just that it gives you a lot more freedom in parenting but it makes you money. We need to make money more than ever during this recession. Every penny earned and saved is extremely important these days. 

I personally visit homewiththekids.com website often and really like what they offer as tips to make money. Like i took up a virtual assistant job a while back and made around $3000 per month but later i found out about a great new way to make money by using Google. While continuing my virtual assistant job, i started to research on this google money making job and took a small course with them its like a ebook they send you. They help you through the process to make things easier. After about 1 month, i started making $20 per day and now after 3 months, am already up to $130-$150 a day thats about $4000++ income for literally playing with my kids :-)

Trust me this is awesome and you can do this while you are just lying around at home. No time bound, you are your own boss i love it. 

I strongly recommend you try this Google Money making program. They send you the learning kit for $1.95(Shipping Cost) it all you need to pay. Go try them and almost forgot, wish you all good luck with making money from home.

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