Virtual Event, Real Potential

Submitted by premkumar on Thu, 03/29/2012 - 08:40.
Riding on the digital era, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 has been launched through an online event. Adrenalin Human Capital Management Software is part of this unique launch which is set to make waves. As part of the initiative, Adrenalin has an online booth for the event. Adding to its list of impressive features, Adrenalin and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 make a perfect combination of efficiency and productivity. A new world of data with SQL Server 2012 allows the user to engage not only with Microsoft product teams, but with their partners and many ground breaking customers. Amongst the broadest Data Platforms in technology today, it offers stunning, interactive data visualizations with a blazing fast performance, enabling superior confidence. Over 4,00,000 users across the world makes Adrenalin a popular Human Capital Alignment tool, with its interactive and intuitive ZOLOG ready to work wonders alongside you. Work at your peak with the power of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Adrenalin together. Visit Adrenalin’s Booth by clicking India Page and Click Visit Expo Hall . It is an exclusive, virtual event designed to give you an overview of the exciting new capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Visit:- Visit :- Overview of Adrenalin Adrenalin is a web-based Human Capital Alignment (HCA) Software available on Microsoft .Net and IBM Lotus platforms. It automates business-to-employees administrative and strategic processes. It is workflow based and is accessible to every employee with self service features. This Human Capital Alignment (HCA) Software is a strategic process that consists of a cycle of activities including HR Administration and Employee Life Events, Recruitment, Performance Management, Training Management, Career Development and Succession Planning, Learning Management, Shift Management and every other detail that can help bring out the very best in your employees. Visit :- :- for more details