pftausw 081206u ZIP ViewSat Ultra FTA Receiver Files Download

Submitted by Godmode on Sun, 12/07/2008 - 03:40.
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Its time to update your ViewSat FTA (free to air) satellite received with the latest patch pftausw 081206u.

The VS Coders have worked hard to do a complete rewrite to incorporate the Full EMU.

This is a new update for ViewSat Ultra FTA receivers only. 

Download pftausw

Release Notes for pftausw 081206u for ViewSat Ultra

The file is only 1.24 MB.
Release VS ULTRA Note

* Versions
- Release Date : 2008.12.06
- Main software : PFTAUSW-081206U
- Boot Ver : 0.12

* Change
(Main software upgrade)
- AR Update

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Download pftausw for Viiewsat Ultra FTA Receiver
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