IRS 2012 Tax Table Brackets 1040 1040ez Federal Income Tax Calculator Instructions

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2012 is here and its the tax season once again. January 15th 2013 is when the official IRS e-File will open for public to file their federal and state taxes for financial year 2011.

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Do you know how much tax you need to pay in 2012? Let us help you by giving you the details of IRS 2011 2012 Tax Brackets Table

You can also download the 1040 1040ez tax table brackets for 2011 2012 from here.

Lets see an example of Tax calculation for Mr and Mrs. Brown.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown are filing a joint return in 2012. Their 2011 2012 Tax Table taxable income on Form 1040, line 43, is $25,300. First, they find the $25,300–25,350 taxable income line. Next, they find  the column for married filing jointly and read down the column. The amount shown where the taxable income line and filing status column meet is $2,949. This is the tax amount they should enter on Form 1040, line 44.

If you are confused about the use of Form 1040, you can download 2012 Form 1040 Instructions from here

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Always remember, The earlier you file your taxes, the faster you will get your refunds. The Last date of filling your taxes is April 15th 2012.

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IRS Tax Table 2012
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