Check Wisconsin Tax Refund Status 2009 2010 Wisconsin State Income Tax Calculator

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Do you live in Wisconsin and yet to get the Wisconsin Tax Refund for 2009 2010 Tax year? then, you might be one of the thousands of people living in Wisconsin who are expecting a Wisconsin State Income Tax Refund check to be mailed soon.

However, its important for you to Check Wisconsin Tax Refund Status for 2009 2010.

Go to the Wiscosin State Tax Refund Website which is Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

You can now check your wisconsin state tax refund status. However, Typical processing times for 2009 2010 returns:
  • E-filed returns up to one full week from the day acknowledgment is received.
  • Paper returns up to 12 weeks from the mail date
There will be a form asking you for details before the system presents you with the Wisconsin Tax Refund Status for your income tax returns.

1)Tax Year - For this year choose 2009
2) Social Security Number (SSN):with no dashes. Example: 123456789
3) Enter Refund Claimed: This needs to be in whole dollars only. Example: Enter $478.95 as $479

After you submit the statius form, You should get the Latest Wisconsin Tax Refund Status for your Social Security Number.

Last Year, New York Residents received delayed New York State tax refunds. Although, there are no reports of the delay in Wisconsin Tax Refunds, Please commments about the latest tax refund status in your account and help other Wisconsin State residents with their tax statuses. If you are being audited or didn't receive the DD date yet, do post comments.

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