Check NYS tax refund 2008 New York state Income Tax Refund Status

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I am going to keep this post very short and to the point. We noticed that you can now check NYS Tax Refund Status online using your social security number.

All you need to do is enter your social security number and choose the Income Tax form which you submitted. The tax form could be It-150,It-201,It-203,IT-205,IT-21 or NYC-210. If you select one of the IT forms, system will ask Requested Refund Amount for NYS Tax Refund 2008.

there are always complaints that people never receive their tax refunds. If you are one of those, who didn't yet receive nys tax refund check You can start checking NYS Income Tax Refund Status from here.

We also suggest you start planning to file your federal taxes and don't forget state taxes. Take a look at this year's IRS Tax Table

You can also consider Tax Stimulus check and calculate Recovery Rabate Credit if you were supposed to get one.

If you are one of the first time homebuyers, you should take a look at the new tax credit called $15000 Tax Credit

Update: Lot of people have started getting the DD dates now for NYS state tax returns. However, there are loads of adjustment this year that means less and less money. How will you keep up with the bills, rents, child education fees, insurance, medical cost, its never ending cost?

As some people discussed before, there is loads of Free money given away by state which people are unaware of and it becomes an unclaimed money. Wouldn't it be great if you get that unclaimed money?

Update 2: Are you getting audited by IRS? If yes, Read our IRS Audit Guide for Free Consultancy on IRS Audits.

If you want to discuss about 2009 2010 NYS tax Refund, checkout our new Discussion

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Check NYS state income tax refund status Online
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