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We heard from people on this forum that along with NY Tax Refund california state income tax department is also struggling to get tax refunds out  of their office on time that means California income Tax refund is delayed in 2008 2009. According to California Income Tax /Franchise Tax Board, The State Controller announced on Thursday, February 19, 2009, that once the budget plan provides the needed cash in the treasury, his office will work around the clock to get delayed payments out the door. It is anticipated that as soon as the cash problems are solved, the refund delay will be lifted. Check this website for updated information on the status of the delay. There is no update on this, last updated was on 29th Feburary 2009. However, one good thing is California Franchise Tax Board has setup a way to check California Tax Refund Status online. You need to provide following information to check california income tax refund status for 2008 2009:
  • Your social security number.
  • Your mailing address. If your address has changed since you filed your return contact them
  • The refund amount shown on your tax return. Go check your California Tax Refund Status for 2008 2009 from here as we mentioned before, most of the california tax refund is delayed in 2008 2009, so you need to bear with them. Hopefully california franchise tax board gets needed cash in time to get the tax refunds out in time.

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    California State Tax Refund Delayed Status
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