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I was worried about overspending on my credit cards. After listening to suzie orman's advice on credit cards, I decided to look for better option to pay for my shopping, phone bills or utility bills. The only and the best option available to credit cards are prepaid debit cards. Not only they make your life easier and control your spending, they also help you with improving your credit score.

Undoubtedly, the first prepaid debit card that comes to your mind is Green Dot Prepaid Cards. Green dot (www.mygreendot.com) has been in business since early days of debit cards and also offer the best service in this industry. Most importantly they are widely accepted at all stores and even online merchants. I have been using my green dot card at walmart, macys, sears, home depot, CVS Pharmacy, walgreens, 7 elevan since last 7 months or so without any issues. Its also extremely easy to top-up your green dot card using a moneypak card which is available online or at stores like walmart etc.

The best part is if you have poor credit score like i had before, green dot prepaid debit card is the best and only card you can get because they don't bother to check your credit score or history. They also have no overdraft or penalty fees. You can also use facilities like online bill pay and  direct deposit just like our current account. Again, withdrawls are free across all american states and cities.

I have been one extremely happy customer of My Green Dot card and i highly recommend everyone to get their green dot debit card at www.mygreendot.com
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