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Washington Mutual popularly known as WaMu was bought over by JP Morgan chase during the current financial crisis when the bank was not able to sustain the crisis. However almost out of every 5 american, 1 hold a Wamucard. Yes, Wamucards are extremely popular amongst americans and now they are a part of chase.com, one of the world's biggest financial services bank. Those who own Wamu Credit Cards are a bit confused lately with where to do payment for wamucards? or How can I login to Wamucards.com? Lot of people are confused, so we thought lets help them out with a article. Now since wamucards.com is owned by chase.com, the site automatically redirects to chase.com/welcomewamu1 You should be able to carry on with Payment Center Login, Customer Logins,Rewards,Balance Transfer on your wamu cards. In short, Now, you can access your WaMu credit card information on Chase Online. Washington Mutual Wamu-Chase offers following benefits when you own a Wamucard. 1) Paperless Statements 2) Pay your wamucard bill online at wamucard.com/payment center 3) Access your wamucard statements and account from anywhere in the world using Chase Mobile. 4) view wamucards rewards 5) Do balance tranfers online Now since Wamucards.com is chase.com, you need to do the following ASAP:
  • Update your Quicken®, QuickBooks® or Money software.
  • Log on to Chase.com. Update your online profile.
  • Set up Account Alerts.
  • Set up a deposit account, then enroll in AutoPay or schedule an ePay.
  • Save www.chase.com as a "Favorite".

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