Top 10 Unique Best Christmas Gift Ideas and Deals in 2008

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Almost 15 days left for Christmas and the whole world will be celebrating Christmas in style. Credit Crunch and Recession looms over this christmas, however analyst believe this should not stop people from celebrating their most favorite festival.

Over 1 million websites all over the internet give information about Christmas Gift and Deals however no one really tells you what to buy and what not to. During this tough time, there are some really inexpensive christmas gifts which will not only ensure that person accepting the gift will be happy but also to make sure, it doesnt hurt your pocket :-)

Today, we do that hard work for you. I spent 6 hours today researching on the most favorite Christmas Gift wishes by teenages, kids, boyfriends, girlfriends, father, son,mother, daughters in USA. Of course, I also did analysis on the buying habits and behavior, pricing, bestselling products and reviews to ensure that the Top 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas are indeed the best of the lot.

Let's begin with the Best Christmas Deals for 2010. Please note these deals are not in any particular order. I am avoiding the ranking, coz I believe each deal can be a unique Christmas Gift.

If you are struggling with no cash this holiday season, Dont worry, we found a great new offer for holidays. These guys will pay you upto $1500 straight to your bank account real time.

Please note all items comes with Free Shipping, however please ensure you order before the 23rd December Cut-off date for 1 day shipping.

1) Nikon Coolpix S1000pj 12.1MP Digital Camera with Built-In Projector: A Must have Digital camera for every american home. Nikon’s revolutionary new Coolpix S1000pj combines 12.1 effective megapixels and a 5x wide-angle Zoom-NIKKOR lens with the world’s first camera with an ultra-small built-in projector. We found the best deal at $200 Off retail Price for only $149

2) Apple iPod touch 8 GB (4th Generation): The most favorite toy for the americans :-). Ipod is prolly the best ever gift you can give to someone. This newest Ipod Touch has different look and style that its older versions. It has 8 GB capacity for 1,750 songs, 10,000 photos, or 10 hours of video. Priced at $214 ($14 off retail price)

3) TomTom XXL 540M 5-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator (Lifetime Maps Edition): Dont drive with this GPS ever. The best GPS available at the right price and comes with lifetime updates. You won't get any better deal that this one @ $145 ($83 discount)

4) LG BD530 1080p Network Blu-ray Disc Player: The best in class 1080p Full HD bluray play and currently most selling in USA. One of the Most gifted item in america.

5) Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device with Wifi: Kindle is USA's #1 bestselling item for two years running. Its also the most gifted item ever. The best ebook reader you will see in your lifetime. Don't think just buy @ $189

6) Kids Toys: Yes, Kids are the most important part of christmas and you better keep them happy. I didn't put the whole long list of Toys here which i believe can be great gifts.

7) Woman's Shoes: Not all men are good at shopping woman's gift items. But let me tell you the secret, all woman
are crazy about UGG shoes. Probably the most easiest Gift shopping for your wife, Mother or Daughter.

8) Gift a Watch: This could be one of the most perfect gift for anyone. Why? It's one thing you wear everyday. The person you gift this item will most likely wear it and each time they wear it, they will remember you. Perfect Gift for your wife, hubby, girl friend or boy friend. Don't let anyone else come to their mind :-). Some crazy deals going on at Amazon from as low as $50

9) Sports and Outdoors: Another hot stuff to be gifted this christmas. Most people gift or buy items in this
category related to Fitness. You can choose what best suits you or the one you going to Gift. Starts as low as $50.

10) Home and Garden: Its time to look after yourself. You need something extra to be added to the existing kitchen? Need something for the garden? Some Massive deals going on at Amazon for 90% Off certain items. Don't miss out.

Still can't decide on which gift to buy, why not just gift a Amazon Christmas Gift Cards and let you loves one decide what they want?

As we said earlier, if you falling short of cash you can avail for instant holiday cash upto $1500

Woot! Finally I am done with this long list of Best Christmas Deals of 2010 or rather Best Christmas Gift Ideas for 2010. Hope it helps everyone of you to make the right purchase and give that dollar more value.
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Best Christmas Gift ideas in 2008
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